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November 12, 2012
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Romano crossed his arms as Francis talked to him, his eyes focused on the ground and lazily ignoring what the Frenchman was saying.

"So, will you come with me to the cafe?"

"Nope." Francis held his head, groaning.

"Did you even listen to me?"

"Not really? Look, I'm not interested in whatever scheme you have up your sleeve, French bastard." Romano growled bitterly. Francis sighed.

"What if I told you that..." He looked around "I'll give you tomatoes if you do it~!"

"That's what Antonio is for." Well so much for that plan. Francis sighed.

"You know, you're going to the cafe whether you like it or not." He finally said, grabbing Romano's wrist and dragging him over.

"HEY! Damn you French bastard! Let me go!" Romano snarled. Not that that would happen anytime soon, Francis had a grip like iron.


"Look, Liz, I don't think it's a good idea." [Name] said as Elizaveta dragged her to a nearby cafe. "What if this guy doesn't like me?"

"Oh, what's the worst that could go wrong?" She said cheerfully, forcing the poor girl to sit down on a chair. "Just stay right here and Francis will come along with the lucky guy!"

"As long as it's not R-" You were cut short as you saw Romano dragged around the corner. He was your crush yet you strayed away because your parents didn't approve of him. Instead, they wanted you to be with his brother, Feliciano, who was much more friendly but a little...dense. Elizabeta smiled as Romano was forced to sit down across from you.

"Have fun you two!" The two giggled before running off somewhere. Romano glanced away nervously for a moment.

"So...did you get dragged into this too?"

"Yep." He sighed. "My parents will freak if they find out."

"Why?" Romano asked. You glanced up into his dark amber eyes.

"They want me to be with Feliciano." You admitted quietly. "They like him more. He's...too dense for my tastes." Romano was a bit taken back. Most people WANTED to be with him, in ways more then one. "I'm a perfectly grown lady, they cannot dictate who I like." She growled.

"My grandfather doesn't care. As long as he gets a pretty little grand-child, then I doubt he'll care who gets married."

"Unfortunately, my parents do." She sighed. "Not to mention, they have all these traditions that they force me to follow. My sister follows them more faithfully then I do. They seem to be from the Victorian Era, which is loads of fun." Her voice was bitter.

"[FIRST NAME] [MIDDLE NAME] [LAST NAME]!" Well crap. You winced as you glanced to your livid parents. "How dare you talk to him!? We've been looking all over for you! You have to meet with Feliciano at six o'clock and you're just lounging around without caring about your life!" Your mother grabbed your wrist and dragged you away. He watched sadly as she was taken away. Francis and Elizabeta peered around the corner, noting how sad the Italian seemed to be.

"Okay, that didn't go well."

"What do we do now?" Francis shrugged before he heard Romano talk again.

"Feliciano? You know [name], right? ... Yeah. You do realize she doesn't...umm...feel the same for you? ... You do? ... I see. Alright, we'll take about it when I get home. Ciao." Romano stood up, pocketed his phone, and left. Francis and Elizabeta looked at each other oddly.

"What was that about?"


It turns out that there was a grand ball to be held in order to choose the wives of Feliciano and Romano that was going on that night. [Name]'s parents told you angrily that you'd go for Feliciano and Feliciano alone yet your heart yearned for Romano. It was true, he was a bit rude but he had a gentle heart on the inside.

Her dress was an old ballgown, reminding her of old paper. It even smelled like it, which wasn't a bad thing. Decorated upon the skirt were beautiful crystalline designs, reaching upward to the top portion. It was from her grandmother, who was the only family member who had a decent amount of respect for her. On her back was a red cape, edged with a fluffy white pelt of sorts. She felt like she'd gone back in time, but that was the theme of the ball in question. Nothing modern was allowed. Atop your head was an ancient family heirloom, a intricate silver tiara with a amber stone set in the middle in the shape of a star. It was said to lead the wearer to their love. She hoped that the legend was true, as it was what led her grandmother to her grandfather.

"Now, remember what we told you?" Her mother asked before they entered the mansion. Her mother and father were dressed very sharply, but nothing drastic. They wanted all the attention on her.

"Yes mother, go for Feliciano only." She sighed, rolling her eyes.

 "Good girl." The doors opened, revealing a pair of butlers. They quietly led the 'family' of three to the great ballroom, where woman and men who wore many colors of dress were waltzing across the floor. The most noticeable was Feliciano and Romano, wearing identical outfits. The only difference was the curls and the look in those amber eyes. Feliciano's was warm, excited while Romano's was thoughtful and quiet. And a few other things that only those close to the brothers would know. [Name] was one of them. She quickly disappeared into the crowd to find Romano.

After a few minutes of fruitless searching, she found Feliciano.

"Hey, Feli!"

"Hm? Vee! It's [name]! Romano told me all about you!"

"He did?" She asked, taken aback. Feliciano nodded happily, taking her wrist. "To the gardens!"

"Wait, I thought guests weren't allowed to go there!"

"You're an exception ragazza! To true love!" His excitement was infectious and [name] couldn't help but smile.

The garden was in full bloom, flowers of all kinds showed their true colors brightly. The full moon shone, making the garden seem even more lovely. Feliciano dragged her to a gazebo, roses crawling upward to the roof. Pushed in, he made a happy little noise and ran off. She looked around, her eyes finally setting upon a figure standing across from her: Romano.

"There you are amore." He said quietly, stepping towards her. "I thought your parents would've been more diligent in following you."

"I'm sorry Romano. I wish we could be together." He sighed, petting her hair.

"You do realize that we set this up just for us to be together. Not to mention, Feliciano is gay wouldn't work out anyway." She widened her eyes. "But let's not worry about that." He bowed gently. "May I have this dance, amore?"

"Of course." She curtsied and took his hand. Quickly thrown into an simple waltz, which surprised [name] because Romano claimed he couldn't dance, she felt happier then she felt since...since her grandmother died. And that was simply with the amber-eyed Southern Italian. All that made them go was simply the faint music from the ballroom. When it faded away, the two stopped.

" never told me you could dance."

"Well...I learned it only a few weeks ago. I'm still not much of dancer."

"You're pretty good though!" He rolled his eyes.

"Still not a dancer." He said stubbornly. She sighed.

"Can't believe I'm having this ar-"

"[FIRST NAME] [MIDDLE NAME] [LAST NAME]!!!" Well haven't we heard that before! She winced as she saw her livid mother run up to the gazebo. Romano turned his back to her, shielding [Name]. "You're supposed to be with Feliciano on that dance floor, you stupid girl!"

"You're the one who's stupid!" Romano snarled, stopping the enraged woman. "Forcing her into marrying a man she does not love is cruel! To add insult to injury, there's no way that he'd love her in turn. He's not interested in girls like that. Let her be and let her marry me!" She  glared at him, to [name] and then back to Romano.

"She's no daughter of mine." She growled, stomping off. Romano rolled his eyes.

"You think she'll come to the wedding day?"

"Probably not, amore but let us not concern ourselves with that." He said, taking her chin and gently kissing her. [Name] smiled into the kiss, wrapping her arms around the other.

Unbeknownst to them, Feliciano had seen the whole thing and smiled. Not the usual carefree smile, but a real smile. Everything came out okay.
Title may or may not have anything to do with the actual story? I dunno. France and Hungary = best matchmakers.

Hetalia - :iconhimaruyaplz:
You - You!
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I feel like this is something my mom would do. Not my dad though. My mom would just tell him to mind his own business.
Loved it!! <3 <#
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My mom doesn't give two shits about who I date as long as he's nice, hell! She'd accept Romano to date me!
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D you got my mom PERFECTLY!!! She literally went up it once and was like "If u ever get a bf, they have to be wealthyish, nice, Christian etc. etc."
Me:Woah, I just want to get through life here!!
Musicofmidnight Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Some moms are like that.

Hell, I want to get through life myself. I'm not worrying about romance, that's for later. :3
jeanette4hedgehog Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2013
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Watches mom walk off acerbity she yells
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That was....


That was a really good one shot, very well written! ^^
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