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June 6, 2012
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In your town, there is a legend of an old cave. It's about an hour's hike, hidden behind a rotted glen. Legend claims that a man skilled in magic was cursed to the form of being half man, half serpent. From his waist down, he is said to be covered with emerald green scales, the same color of his hypnotic eyes. If you come across him, he will not hesitate to kill you for it is in his nature to do so. Some say he's particularly fond of young children and by fond, the legend says he'll eat naughty children that do not go to sleep.

"We all know the legends are silly, da?" You jumped, surprised at Ivan's sudden entrance.

"Oh, yeah. Probably made to make little children sleep." You scratched the back of your head nervously. You were sitting in your room, looking up the legend of the Snakeman. You hoped to find more about this legend and perhaps debunk it.

"Kesesese! I know it made Peter fall asleep when he was little, didn't it?"

"Yeah yeah." Alfred waved it off like it was nothing. You sighed.

"So, when are we gonna go find this cave?" Mathias asked.

"This Saturday. In the meantime, pack up. It'll be a long hike and I don't want to hear complaining."

"Easier said then done, frau." You glared at Gilbert.

"I don't think Gilbird would agree with that." The look on Gilbert's face was priceless.


And so, the five of you went hiking to prove the legend wrong. Ivan brought some snacks in case the so called 'Awesome Trio' got hungry. That was more then likely. After what felt like hours, you finally got to the rotted glen spoken in the legend.

"Alright, let's stop here and have lunch. Once that's done, we can start looking for the cave and proving that legend wrong." You said, sitting on a rock. The other agreed with you.

"So, this is the rotted glen, da?" Ivan asked.

"Apparently so. It sure looks rotted. Quite disgusting actually..." You murmured. The whole area seemed decayed and forgotten. The dark brown water flowed almost sluggishly due to the rotted leaves that fell upon it. The trees were barren, providing little shade. Not that it was needed, as it was a cloudy day. Soon, all of you were in a conversation on what the thing looked like...

"Are all of you ssssspeaking of me?" Came a voice, a voice that could only belong to a serpent. Everybody turned, seeing a half human, half serpent creature. The monster from legend. The human part had pale skin, ruffled blond hair, unusually thick eyebrows, and a pair of dark emerald eyes. For the serpent part, it could easily be around seven to eight feet of shining emerald scales.

"Ahh!" Alfred cried, hiding behind Mathias. The creature chuckled.

"It'sssss been a while sssssince I had vissssitorssss." He hissed, moving closer to Mathias. "How about I offer you a choice? Sssssince I'm sssssuch a nice persssson. You leave now or you become dinner. I AM hungry, after all..." Mathias, Gilbert, and Alfred turned tail and fled, leaving you and Ivan behind. The creature raised an eyebrow as he focused on the two. "You must have a death wisssssh if you dare to ssssstay." It hissed.

"Ivan, run!" You urged.

"But what about you?"

"Don't worry about me, go run!" Ivan hugged you before running off. The creature watched with amusement as Ivan ran away.

"Well well well, why did you ssssssstay?" You took a deep breath.

"I had my reasons but most of it was because of some ritual by the elders of my town." It raised an eyebrow.

"They still believe I exissssst? Ah..."

"Apparently so. They told me to go up the mountain and never return to appease some mountain god."

"The eldersssss always ssssstick to the traditionsssss of old, even when the newer generation overthrowsssss them." It said humorously. "My name issss Arthur, by the way. And you are?"

"[name]. [first name] [last name]."

"Ah, ssssssuch a lovely name." He murmured, stroking your cheek. You shuddered at the coldness of his skin against your own. He pulled his hand back a little. "If you must ssssstay, I must ssssshow you my home then."

"I bet it'll be freezing cold." Arthur chuckled at your remark.

"Not ssssso. You'll have me to keep you warm at night." He crooned, picking you up bridal style. You yelped in surprise. "In more waysssss then one." A bright red blush appeared on your face, earning a hearty laughter from him.


During the time of your absence, about two to three months, your friends tried to rescue you. At first, they were met with skeptism from others but slowly, they managed to get a little rescue party for you. Included was celebrated scientist Kiku Honda, who wanted to see if the claim was true. So, when the group arrived, they caught Arthur by surprise.

"Oh my, more guessssstssss..." He hissed angrily. You heard his angry hiss and came over to see whatever was the matter. To your surprise, you saw your friends, your parents, and a man you never saw before.

"Arthur! Those are my parents! And my friends!"

"I recognize that, my dearesssst."

"Give us back [name] and we'll leave you be, da?"

"Are you alright hun?"

"Mother, I'm fine." You soothed, remaining close to Arthur in case the worse came to.

"I do not wissssh for blood to be ssssspilled so sssstate your reassssson for invading OUR territory" You felt his tail curl around your feet.

"Dude, that's our best friend!" Alfred took out his gun, aiming it at Arthur. Gilbert grabbed his arm, holding him down.

"You're a fool to try and kill me!" Arthur hissed, preparing to charge.

"WAIT!" A voice spoke, it was the strange man. Arthur glared at him before he seemed to recognize him. "I've read upon old legends and we cannot fire upon him. According to the elderly locals, a maiden is needed in order to keep the children safe. That is what they told me."

"And who are you?" Arthur snarled.

"Kiku Honda and I believe we can solve this problem."

"Wherever [name] goessss, I go."

"Good, then you can come with me to The Riverview Research Facility. People can learn more about you while [name] can be in charge of taking care of you."

"Basically, you're gonna ssssshow me off to the world." Arthur growled. Kiku nodded. Arthur crossed his arms. "Fine, but if [name] issss hurt in any way, I will revolt."

"I assure you, [name] will be in no danger."


To your surprise, Arthur adapted well to the new surroundings. Shown off to the public, he earned all kinds of attention. Some were disgusted at the fact that such a creature existed and others were enthralled with how seamlessly the scales turned into human flesh. You were in charge of making sure Arthur was happy and well-cared for.

One night, when the facility was closed for the weekend, you visited Arthur. He was busy playing the guitar you bought for his amusement when you arrived.

"Hello Arthur."

"Ahh, good evening my dear. It sssseems that I am quite popular, doessssn't it?" He purred.

"Yeah, it does. You've scared the crap of out some of the guests." He laughed. "It's not funny Arthur!"

"It amussssessss me!" He slithered to you. "Bessssidessss my dear, a few even insulted me. I can read lipsssss after all."

"You scared them because they insulted you?"

"Of coursssse..." He murmured, stroking your cheek. "But never doubt that I love you." He kissed you gently before disappearing into the small pool of water on the other side of his enclosure. You sighed, knowing full well that he would not let you go easily.
Okay, umm...Snakeman!England is new for me. Sorry for OOCery! I personally think this one is not very good, too wonky.

You know, I actually WANTED to write a lemon with him...but I couldn't bring myself to do so. Maybe next time?

Hetalia - :iconhimaruyaplz:
You - You!
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